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Sympathy Baskets [Free Delivery]

A sympathy basket is a suitable gift to send to a funeral service to express your condolences. These can be displayed standing on the floor or set on a table. They look great in front of a lectern area or on either end of an altar table to create a frame for the pastor of services. Sympathy baskets may be designed in an actual basket or in an urn type container. They can be moved from church or indoor services to the cemetery and burial plot. If bringing a sympathy basket home, they look great displayed on a fireplace. Our sympathy baskets are all designed with fresh flowers, hydrated well prior to use to guarantee a good long vase life. Each sympathy basket is designed as a three sided flower arrangement meaning, the back side is foliage only. This allows us to show off all the flowers at the front and sides to create a beautiful, showy design.